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What is Clomid?

Clomid is also known as clomiphene citrate. It’s an oral medication that’s commonly used to treat female infertility. Clomid works by deceiving the body into believing that your estrogen levels are lower than they are, causing your pituitary gland to secrete more follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) (LH).

What does clomid do to your body?

Clomid is commonly used to treat female infertility. Although the FDA has not approved it for use in males, it is frequently prescribed off-label to treat male infertility. Clomid, when used to treat male infertility, inhibits the action of estrogen on the pituitary gland. This raises the levels of the FSH and LH hormones.

Medical uses of clomid?

This medication is used to treat infertility in women. It works by increasing the number of hormones that aid in the development and release of a mature egg (ovulation). This medication is not recommended for women whose ovaries do not produce enough eggs (primary pituitary or ovarian failure).

Other Uses of clomid?

Clomiphene is sometimes used to treat male infertility, irregular menstruation, fibrocystic breasts, and persistent breast milk production.

Benefits of clomid?

There are numerous advantages for women who use Clomid properly: It is a low-cost treatment for infertility, especially when compared to other options such as IVF. Clomid is taken orally, making it less invasive than other treatments.

How to use clomid?

Consult your doctor before using this supplement. We recommend beginning treatment with a low dose of 50 mg (1 tablet) per day for five days. Only those who do not ovulate after taking cyclic 50 mg CLOMID should increase their dose.

Side effects of clomid?

Common side effects of Clomid include:

· Abnormal vaginal/uterine bleeding,

· Breast tenderness or discomfort,

· Headache,

· Nausea,

· Vomiting,

· Diarrhea,

· Flushing,

· Blurred vision or other visual disturbances


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