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  1. M

    WINSTROL from Sigma Pharma is the real deal. Not only did it boost my performance, but the prices are unbeatable. Fast shipping and discreet packaging. Will order again!

  2. JP

    Experienced a little bit of depression and I had some eye issues which are both common side effects of clomid which is a good sign. Didn’t do any bloods during PCT so can’t quantitatively verify however with the sides and the good testosterone levels after PCT I’d say that this product worked as intended and was indeed legit.

  3. RH

    Its strong compound and this source gave good pumps and energy. Good stamina and just a Lil lower back soreness.

  4. RD

    The keep my strogen levels under control, I mean about water retention and unusual body fat, even tho I keep my diet on perfect point. They do work as they should.

  5. JR

    One really good halo not like other labs wo only put some sugar in their tabs


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