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Pay with credit card

1 ) Place your order on our site by choosing BITCOIN as your payment method.

2 ) Copy the bitcoin address available on the order confirmation page (just after your order on our site). Please only use this address for one payment. It is a unique address for your current order.

3 ) Visit PayBis Select ‘Credit Card’ on the left-hand side of the Paybis home page, and enter the $ value you would like to pay in ‘Amount you deposit’.

Step 1 for paying with credit card

4 ) Press ‘Start Transaction’ and enter the following data into the form:

Step 2

5 ) Next, you will be redirected to the Transaction Details page, Please wait while your verification is reviewed. This usually takes 15-20 mins, but it could take up to 2 hours or more. Please monitor your mailbox. If your verification is rejected, you will get an email with a detailed explanation of the issues to be fixed.

Step 3

6 ) When your verification is approved, you will have to press the “Continue to Checkout” button, and you will get redirected to our payment processor secure checkout page.

Step 4

7 ) Once your card has been validated and processed, your order is complete! Verification and processing usually happen within 5-120 mins. Please note: your payment might require a manual review, so monitor your mailbox for any additional verification emails from Simplex.



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